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Parton Distribution Functions Pdf Download


Parton Distribution Functions Pdf Download ->



















































and two additional functions that handle the simultaneous use of two PDF grid files Set2NPDF(file1,file2,ierr) - opens and initializes two grid PDS files for reading (filename can contain path if necessary) Ctq2Npdf(iset,iparton,x,Q,A,Z) - provides PDF f(x,Q) as CtqNpdf for any of the two initialized files without the need of repeated opening and initializing the files, iset = 1,2 correspond to file1 and file2 respectively. can be found in this . Schienbein, F.Arleo, K. summary. Morfin, F.


If you use these grids, please cite references [1,2]. 403 Forbidden . hep-ph/0201195 01/2002 .. decut3. It is written in C and can be linked to C/C /Fortran modules using gcc and other compilers. Previous PDF grids & code:. Pumplin hep-ph/0701220 01/2007 CTEQ6.5 general-purpose CTEQ6.5M 40 eigenvector sets W.-K. nCTEQ-VFNSNF-demo.tar.gz (x.xMB): A set of matched VFNS(NF) PDFs (demonstration version) . T.Stavreva, I.


urther explanations. nCTEQ-code.tar.gz. Values A,Z correspond to the nucleus under consideration where the value A has to correspond to the value in the initialized PDS file (Note: Z should be chosen to correspond to the real nucleus independently of the Z value of the PDS file). The details are contained in Table 2 of the reference below. Olness, J.Y. If you use these grids, please cite reference [1]. Yu, C. Tung ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- decut3,glofac1a glofac1c,glofac1b global2b,nuanua1 These families of fits include neutrino DIS data (except decut3) with different weights, ranging from decut3 (w=0) which does not include any neutrino data to nuanua1 (w =infinity) which includes only neutrino DIS data. Probing gluon and heavy-quark nuclear PDFs with gamma Q production in pA collisions.


Kovarik, I. Pumplin arXiv:0802.0007 02/2008 CTEQ6.6 general-purpose CTEQ6.6M 44 eigenvector sets P. An alternative interface for simultaneous interpolation of several CTEQ PDF tables has been developed by Zoltan Nagy. hep-ph/0702268 02/2007 6.5 intrinsic charm series (n = 0.6) J. Stump et al. hep-ph/0307022 hep-ph/0312323 07/2003 12/2003 CTEQ6 general-purpose CTEQ6M 40 eigenvector sets CTEQ6M, CTEQ6D, CTEQ6L, CTEQ6L1 J. Kovarik, C. 2587a83389

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